Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baptism Day

Just a little picture of the girls dressed up for Ella's Baptism. Very nice ceremony but HOT HOT HOT inside that church!!! At one point Jolie started walking around and ended up right next to everyone at the holy water and then proceeded to turn around and look at the church audience (oh about 100 people) and then ever to "lady like" pulled up her dress to show everyone her "adorable" little diaper and then ever so "lady like" put her dress back down (where it belonged!). Everyone smiled.......what else could they do?!
It will be a story passed onto Jolie and Ella in the years to come.
Laughing still......

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Jill said...

You look the exact same as in HS! Time seems to have stopped for you, my friend! Love that you've kept your hair long!

You look as beautiful as I remember.