Friday, June 27, 2008

Jolie.....and Louie

Best friends........Jolie can pat Louie (the cat) affectionately very gently one minute and then the next lay her WHOLE body ontop of him (affectionately) and Louie will tolerate it. Amazing! The next picture taken about 4 seconds later is Jolie pulling his tail with all her strength. Oh goodness.....but Louie tolerated it!!!! Go figure.
In any case this is one of my recent favorite pic's of Jolie. Come to think of it! - it was actually taken on her 2nd BDay just 13 days ago! A very special day indeed......
Oh Happiness!
~avril :-)


Leslie said...

She is just too cute! Hard to believe she is 2 already! Oh by the way Tag! You're it! Play along if you want. The rules are on my blog
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE this photo, Avril!!! Just a couple of pals off to play! Adorable! :)