Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fun Pops!

Oh how fun these popsicles cards were to make! AND so much fun to give to others too - I just LOVE seeing their reaction when they open their envelope to find such a cute/yummy/fun card inside! And besides the fun surprise they are so easy - peesie (as dear Cindy L. would say!) to make! The only thing that was hard for me was using my darn scallop punch which is honestly loosing it's "punch". It just doesn't like to go through 2 pieces of CS......which I guess is understandable.....but boy did we have to put in some muscle power and extra lining up to get that scallop punch to go through the CS. One of my customers was saying that it would be sooooooooooooo great to have a scallop punch with the "power" of the Crop-A-Dile. What a fabulous idea!
I actually took these "pops" outside to photograph to see if I could get a better picture than the ones that were coming out from inside. Right after this picture was taken Lucy (my cat) came and sat right beside them. It would've been an adorable picture but her tail started flappin' around and all the popsicles fell over. Oh well!
Yummy creations indeed!
~avril :-)


Kirsten said...

these are adorable! The tip I found is if you punch with the scallop punch from the side for the bite, it will go through two easier than from straight on!

Love your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Made my own pops with K the other night! Great idea!