Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baptism Day

Just a little picture of the girls dressed up for Ella's Baptism. Very nice ceremony but HOT HOT HOT inside that church!!! At one point Jolie started walking around and ended up right next to everyone at the holy water and then proceeded to turn around and look at the church audience (oh about 100 people) and then ever to "lady like" pulled up her dress to show everyone her "adorable" little diaper and then ever so "lady like" put her dress back down (where it belonged!). Everyone smiled.......what else could they do?!
It will be a story passed onto Jolie and Ella in the years to come.
Laughing still......

Baptism Card

Hello Everyone!
Today was the Baptism of Ella Jane who is the daughter of some very close friend's of ours. I didn't have a stamp set that was geared towards "baptism" so I choose to use one of my favorite children's set, Zoofari along with a general saying of "for you". I made it a 4x4 card and altered a med. size envelope to fit this smaller size perfectly - which I learned how to do at Demo class a couple of weeks ago. Sooooooooooo easy to make these 4x4 envies and plus you can make them match the card too that goes inside. I also added a little "bling" which I found (of all places) in the Michael's $1 bin!!! How wonderful was that!!! AND NOW I can see how ADDICTIVE bling can be!!!! LOVE IT and want to use it some MORE......A LOT!!!! Okay.....I am sure you get my drift...... :-)
Off to make some dinna and hopefully will be posting again soon.
Happiness to all,

Friday, June 27, 2008

Jolie.....and Louie

Best friends........Jolie can pat Louie (the cat) affectionately very gently one minute and then the next lay her WHOLE body ontop of him (affectionately) and Louie will tolerate it. Amazing! The next picture taken about 4 seconds later is Jolie pulling his tail with all her strength. Oh goodness.....but Louie tolerated it!!!! Go figure.
In any case this is one of my recent favorite pic's of Jolie. Come to think of it! - it was actually taken on her 2nd BDay just 13 days ago! A very special day indeed......
Oh Happiness!
~avril :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fun Pops!

Oh how fun these popsicles cards were to make! AND so much fun to give to others too - I just LOVE seeing their reaction when they open their envelope to find such a cute/yummy/fun card inside! And besides the fun surprise they are so easy - peesie (as dear Cindy L. would say!) to make! The only thing that was hard for me was using my darn scallop punch which is honestly loosing it's "punch". It just doesn't like to go through 2 pieces of CS......which I guess is understandable.....but boy did we have to put in some muscle power and extra lining up to get that scallop punch to go through the CS. One of my customers was saying that it would be sooooooooooooo great to have a scallop punch with the "power" of the Crop-A-Dile. What a fabulous idea!
I actually took these "pops" outside to photograph to see if I could get a better picture than the ones that were coming out from inside. Right after this picture was taken Lucy (my cat) came and sat right beside them. It would've been an adorable picture but her tail started flappin' around and all the popsicles fell over. Oh well!
Yummy creations indeed!
~avril :-)

Circle of Friendship

Hello to All!

I had so much fun creating this card! It took me a couple of trys but I finally got the effect I was looking for. I knew I wanted to use the Build-A-Brads plus some crystal effects for the 1/8 circles to match. And.......of course like most of my cards I "HAD TO ADD" the ribbon! Yup, I ADORE the ribbon!!!!!!! :-)
Smiles to all......
~avril :-)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Color challenge card

I know....I know.....not a very clear picture. I am not having the easiest time taking clear and detailed pictures of my creations. I made this card early Sunday a.m. to turn into Cindy L. as my color challenge card and also hoped to send it to a friend who just lost her Father to cancer. I wheeled Real Red CS with Real Red ink with one of my all time favorite jumbo wheels - Leaves a la Carte (which will most likely retire along with it's
matching stamp set) and then accented the leaves with the fabulous white gel pen. I sooooooooooo hope they do NOT retire that most valuable to my heart and soul for creating accessorie!!! I LOVE my white gel pen! Hey, maybe SU! will come out with some other fun gel pens! - wouldn't that be fun!? I also applied crystal effects on my punched out Leaves a la Carte circle. Unfortunately, the ink kind of reacted with the CE and bleed a little why does that happen? It tends to happen a lot to me for some reason.....hmmmm.

Bear with me as I perfect my picture taking......I'll get it right one of these days!
Smiles and "cherry" hugs,
~avril :-)

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
This is the Father's Day card I made for Jeff - one of the most "Patriotic" men I know! :-) Not only was he an active Marine for 8 years ("Once a Marine, always a Marine") but soon we expect his younger brother, Ryan to be shipped off to Iraq as a Marine. That being said I decided to make Jeff's special Father's Day card red, white and blue. Fun and easy to make! LOVE the star punches!!! - which I actually keep on borrowing from my treasured friend Kylah. I am waiting to find out if these punches will be retired before I buy them myself.
Wishing everyone a beautiful and very special Father's Day!
~avril (The "cherry" stamper)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One of my most favorite kinds of pictures of Jolie is when she is sleeping. That little puss on her is just so sweet! And then of course the pic is even better because she is in her daddy's arms and Lucy the cat is not far.

I hope to be posting some pictures of my most recent projects real soon!

~avril :-)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally got it!

Finally I figured out how to download and post a picture onto my blog!!! HOORAY!!!! - gosh, I just feel so proud of myself! :-) This is the Baby Shower invitation that I have been working on for the past week or so for one of my dear and precious childhood friends who is having her very first baby! I am so so happy for Kerri! She is going to be a fabulous Mama indeed. I just wish she lived closer than all the way down in Boston. I do want to mention that through making and sending off these invites (all 45+) I found out that my addiction to using ribbon on my cards is VERY expensive!!! - especially when you MAIL cards that have ribbon on them. It cost me over $1 a piece to mail these invites - which of course my mouth dropped to the floor at the p.o. when I was told by the lovely post woman how much the postage would cost for each envelope containing my precious B.S. invites. I couldn't NOT send the invites just because of my "shock factor" reaction to the expensive cost of postage (in my opion) - all the guests invited to the Shower had to get invitations or else there wouldn't be a Baby Shower! And besides Kerri is worth every penny no matter what the cost. :-)
Okay, off to more creations!
Hugs and smiles,
~avril :-)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bit the bullet.... I've bit the bullet and started a blog! Now I just need to figure out how to post and create fun and fabulous projects! Stay tuned for more to come very soon......

~avril (The "Cherry Stamper")