Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Goodness I've been tagged! How very, very exciting indeed!!!

Okay, so 7 random and/or weird facts about me.....
#1 I collect and read cook books. I have just as much fun thumbing through a cook book (that has pictures) as I do cooking and/or baking.
#2 As you may have already guessed.....I ADORE cherries! Along with strawberries too. YUM-O!!! Oh and one of my most favorite things to do in the summer is pick blueberries. To me picking blueberries is just heaven! I can't wait to take Jolie in just a couple of weeks once the berries start really getting ripe.
#3 My dream job would be to become a Wedding Planner - I love to plan, organize and orchestrate parties. Even though I've never been a bride myself I LOVE weddings!!!!
#4 At the moment my favorite show/series on TV is "Weeds" - so much drama, comedy and "edge of your seat" suspense. LOVE IT!!!! If you haven't seen it go out and rent the series!!!!
#5 I am the oldest grand-daughter on my maternal side of the family (there are 7 grandchildren). And I adore and cherish each and every one of my cousins - as I do with my whole family. Family is my most cherished and treasured possession in life (along with all my friends!).
#6 My middle name is Simera - no one can ever guess that one I am sure! It comes from the Bible as the name of a Jewish princess. My Dad picked it out.
#7 I LOVE the water (ocean, lakes, ponds, streams and rivers)......but.....I hate swimming. I adore vacationing near it, sleeping close by to it (nothing better than hearing water coming up against the shore or beach) and sun-bathing beside it. Don't get me wrong I can swim! - I just won't go out purposely and swim laps for enjoyment.

7 blogs that I can't get enough of! (BTW - this is a list of ONLY a select few....there are too many blogs that are just amazing that I can't list them in just seven spaces)

Jen H.
Kerin S.
Sarah G.
Carol M.
Jan T.
Cambria T.

Happiness to all!

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Jen said...

Hey Avril!! :) love vistining your blog too! Mine needs a LOT of work... once find my camera card again I hope to post more pics :)

Weeds is an AWESOME show! Mike and I rented it from the beginning (never actually saw it on TV) and we've finished all of them... can't wait for the new season to come out on DVD :)

Talk to you soon!! See you at Tammy's DL meeting :)